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Benefits of acne scar surgery

Most of us have faced the battle of acne in our life. It may be during puberty or during the late teenage years or maybe when we moved to a new environment but they may come and go. Real problem arise when they stay and multiply in number affecting the aesthetic appearance of the face. When they dry off, a scar is left behind which again bothers us. Not only us but others begin to notice and it affects our daily life. A lot of cosmetic products are used to get rid of these problems but even they fail to bring relief. This is the time when you need help of professionals. If nothing is helping you, then acne scar surgery in Delhi will be suggested to you.

These scars occur in the face when we the tissues of the skin are not able to heal properly. Treatment for pimples in Delhi is given to treat scars which do not respond to conservative techniques. You may be given medications and non surgical treatments but no positive outcome is seen. Almost everyone who goes ahead with this procedure is doing it for cosmetic purpose. In many cases, individuals who are working in entertainment and media industry are the ones who go ahead with this surgery. In some individuals, acne may cause pain and surgery is done to get rid of the symptoms.

Before the surgery, you are given ointments and lotions which are to be applied for some days. It should be made sure that the skin should not be dry as the post surgical healing time will be increased. On the day of the surgery for acne treatment in Delhi, local anesthesia is given to make sure that you are not feeling uncomfortable during the procedure.

In punch excision method, acne scars are cut out individually. The wound is then fixed with grafts or stitches. If graft is given, then skin from the healthy area is taken. If punch incision method is used, then stitches are made to repair the wounds. One more type of surgery is usually imparted. It is known as subcision surgery. The main of this technique is to improve the overall appearance. It is done by inserting needles into the skin to loosen fibers underneath the scars. After the surgery, some ointments are suggested to fasten the healing process. Hydration of skin from inside is also taken care of. It is important to establish proper skin regime.

Best dermatologists in Delhi use the other following methods to treat the problem of acne scars –

·  Laser resurfacing – In this procedure, anesthesia is administered to numb the skin. Laser is applied to remove the damaged top layer of the skin which contains acne scar while tightening the middle layer.

·    Dermabrasion – a rotating wire brush is used to remove the upper surface of the skin. Healing process will remove the older abraded skin and a new layer will be added. The results of this procedure are visible in about 3 weeks.

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