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Choose the best skin specialist in Delhi for Vitiligo treatment

Vitiligo is a skin defect which causes the discoloration of the skin in uneven patches. It cannot be predicted how the disease will spread and till what extent will it spread. It also has the tendency to affect the hair and the inside parts of the mouth. Vitiligo occurs when the body stops the production of a protein called melanin which is responsible for the color of our hair and skin.

Derma Circles is one of the best skin clinics in Delhi. Our doctors are highly experienced and give the best possible treatment to the patient. Vitiligo does not have a specific treatment and the discoloration of the skin cannot be retained. But there are treatments that can slow and stop the growth of the discoloration.

Before the patient is advised any treatment, he or she is taken through a diagnosis to determine the best possible course of the treatment. According to the skin specialists in Delhi, the diagnosis process takes place in two to three steps. First and foremost, the patient’s and his or her family’s medical history is taken into consideration. This helps the doctor to understand the root cause of the problem and is the medication would affect the patient. A special ultraviolet light is shone on the skin to determine whether the person has Vitiligo or not. Other than this, a biopsy and blood examination of the patient helps to determine the disease.

There is no treatment to ‘cure’ Vitiligo, but there are medications to sooth and stop it from spreading. The doctors give medicines to control inflammation. These medications have shown to improve the skin color if started using early, but the changes do not occur for several months. For children and for people with large areas of discolored skin, milder form of the same medicines is advised.

Medication to treat the immune system can also be provided in some cases. This treatment has fewer side effects than the above mentioned treatment and can be used with UVB light.

Some of the best skin specialists have also reported that there are therapies that can be performed to give a normal appearance to the skin. Some of them are:

·    Psoralen and light therapy (helps regaining the color)

·    Removing the remaining color to give a unified appearance.

·    Skin grafting – grafting of pigmented skin over discolored skin.

·    Blister grafting (grafting by the help of artificial blisters)


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