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Ear Lobe Repair Only With the Best Surgeon

Wearing jewelry and different ornaments is liked by many people and most of them are females. They have seen in television that how good it looks. When you see someone wearing ear rings and it impresses you, then the first thing that comes to your mind is to buy yourself something like that only. And especially when your favorite celebrity wears it, then the excitement to buy the same jewelry is on a next level. But for that, you need to have ear piercing first. It is the procedure with the help of which you are able to wear your precious ear rings. But sometimes, wearing excess of them can hurt your ear lobe. If you prefer to wear heavy jewelry, then the chance of damage to the ear lobe is more. The common problem which arises of the ear lobe is that the skin gets elongated. In severe cases, ear lobule can get completely torn off. You will get the best ear lobe piercing in Delhi only ate Derma Circles.

Derma Circles is the best skin clinic Delhi for ear lobe piercing. The process of ear lobe piercing and ear lobe repair is explained in detail below –

1.       Ear lobe piercing – ear lobe piercing is done as they bring a whole new dimension to the face. An extra zing is added to your ears which also elevates your overall personality. Ear lobe piercing is the procedure of creating a small gap or penetration which is done for the motive of wearing a piece of jewelry or an ornament. It is the practice of making holes or small space in the edges of the ear for wearing of the earrings. The process of ear lobe piercing is done with the help of a needle or a gun.

 The piercing guns can be reused or can be disposed. It is important to go ahead with the best skin specialist as infection can also be caused by the piercing gun. The gun which comes in contact with the customer’s body should be made of medical grade plastic and sterilized at the time of manufacture. You are a suitable candidate if you are interested in ear lobe piercing and not suffering any rash and irregularity related to the ear.

2.    Ear lobe repair – While wearing earrings, everyone wants to buy fancy stuff. They are more attractive but can cause damage to the ear lobe. This makes the skin look more elongated. Therefore, ear lobe repair in Delhi is needed in this case. It is the process in which our ears are brought to the normal shape that has been split due to the extensive use of heavy piercings. 

In this procedure, local anesthesia is given. It is a simple procedure and does not require much time. Incisions are required and then the process of repairing is done with the help of stitches. At the time of surgery, new piercing is done at a different site so that ear rings are worn in no time. 

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