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Get Rid of Acne Scar With Effective Treatment Methods

Some of the times, there are conditions of our skin which makes us mentally stressed. All of us desire to have a skin which is free of any blemishes but in some cases, it is not in our hands. There are different things to consider and when it comes to acne, even cosmetic products which are easily available in the market are of no use. Acne not only hit the skin when they are in their prime but they also leave scars which are prominent even after long period of time. This definitely affects our appearance. But there are treatments available in the market for this. Derma Circles gives you the best laser acne scar reduction in Delhi.

Acne is a condition which hits our skin when the hair follicles present in the body are filled up with oil and dead skin cells. It is a common condition which affects teenagers and young adults. Acne can lead to un-inflamed blackheads and pus filled pimples. When they dry off, the trouble is far from over. There are scars which are formed due to acne and can be raised, flat or depressed. Scars are of two types in the body –

1.       Hypertrophic – it is a thickened scar which is formed where the skin has been injured. They form most often at the site of a pimple. It occurs due to excess of collagen production and then result in scars. You should get it treated in the best skin clinic in Delhi.

2.       Atrophic – it is the type of scar which heals below the surface of the skin. It happens when the skin is not able to regenerate tissues during the process of healing. Along with severe acne, they can also occur in the skin due to chickenpox.

Laser scar treatment in Delhi is a growing method to get rid of scars. This type of treatment is effective for any skin type and includes very light as well as very dark skin type. There are specialists present to determine if you are a suitable candidate for this type of treatment. In this procedure, numbing cream is applied to the affected area 2 hours prior to the procedure. The laser device is passed over the area allowing the laser energy to perforate the skin. Small columns of laser energy are absorbed by the tissue which triggers skin repair and collagen production of a plump and smooth skin. Derma circles has best skin specialists for this procedure.

To rejuvenate skin, dermal transplantation for scars is another technique which is quite helpful. Our skin consists of dermis and epidermis. Dermal transplantation is done when dermis is lost. In this procedure, local anesthesia is administered to the patient. Dermis is harvested from the buttocks or from the outer aspect of the thigh. It is then transplanted onto the recipient site. It takes about 2 hours and there is minimal scarring at the site of scar. Visit Derma Circles, which has some of the best skin doctors to impart these techniques.

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