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Get rid of tanning this summer in 4 simple steps.

Summer is the season of vacation, holidays as well as tanning! Sun tan is a common problem faced by thousands during summers. But don’t worry you can easily get rid of tan by following simple steps.

1. Sunscreen: Sunscreen not only prevents but also helps in early recovery of tanning which has already sets in. Doctors recommend sunscreen of SPF-30 or more which should be hypoallergenic, non-sticky and water resistant. However, rather than using high SPF sunscreen it is more important to use it in a proper way, for example it should be applied 2-3 times daily during day time or more (every 3-4 hour) if you are outside throughout the day, in a good amount or you can consult your dermatologist to know about its proper application. 

2. Vitamin C serum: Don’t just eat vitamin C, you know it is more effective when applied over. It’s a wonderful agent to make your skin light and bright. Due to its antioxidant property, it helps in reducing the tan which has already occurred. You have to just put few drops of a good brand of vitamin C serum over affected area before going to bed during night-time for few weeks and you are there! See the magic. Vitamin C serums are very easily available in all chemist shops but it is advisable to get it through your doctor prescription. 

3. Hydrate-hydrate-hydrate: This is the key-keep your skin moisturized always, from inside as well as outside. Drink a lot of water 10-12 glasses at least or more if you do lots of workout. Water basically detoxify your body, increase blood circulation and helps in healing skin from within, equally important is keeping it moisturized from outside. Use a good water based moisturizer which again help in healing and regeneration of skin cells.

 4. Ask your dermatologist: Apart from these day-to-day simple steps, there are many medical procedures available which can easily remove your tan in no time, like chemical peels, medical facials and lasers which are very safe and effective with no downtime. You can consult your dermatologist for available options. 

So enjoy summer vacation and forget about tanning. 

Written by Dr. Prakash Kumar Khute

Consultant Dermatologist

Derma Circles Clinic, New Delhi 

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