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How skin specialists treat the problem of skin

 The main aim of skin specialists is to make sure that the problem which is their hands is treated fully without any side effects and pain. Before any treatment is imparted, skin specialists in Delhi will tell you in detail about the whole process. It will be seen if you are a candidate for the procedure or not. All the side effects that may occur are also told. The problems of skin also include those noticed in hair and the nail. Any part of the body may be affected and the solution can be surgical or non surgical.

Derma Circles is the best skin clinic in Delhi where you will be treated under the guidance of expert dermatologists. They have experience of many years and all the patients have the nicest things to say about them. Some of the common treatments available here are as follows –

·  Birthmark removal

They are the spots or lumps present in the body since birth. They are made up of various types of tissues that have not traveled to their original destination. They are very small and most of them do not cause any medical problems. Causes include abnormal blood vessels under the skin and clustering of pigment cells. They are categorized into different types – 

1. Salmon patches – These are flat and pink in color. They commonly appear on the back of the neck and the upper lip. 

2. Congenital moles – they are brown in color and can appear anywhere. There is a slight chance that they transform and become skin cancer.

Laser is the most potent birthmark removal treatment in Delhi. The type of laser used depends on the type and color of the birthmark. For vascular birthmark, pulse dye laser is used which works by emitting a beam of laser light. For pigmented ones, ND Yag laser is used. 

·  Psoriasis treatment

It is an autoimmune disease in which there is accumulation of skin cells. The life cycle of skin cells is escalated leading to itchy and dry patches. This condition is identified by a rash on the skin which is painful in some instances. Along with rash, there is dryness, flakiness, peeling and small bump.

It is a chronic disease which comes and goes. Best skin doctors in Delhi stop the cells from growing and dividing quickly. Treatment options are listed below – 

1. Topical treatments – mild to moderate symptoms are treated by creams and ointments. It includes corticosteroids, vitamin D analogues, anthralin etc. 

2. Light therapy – Sunlight exposure is given as a natural means of treatment. Single patches are treated by artificial UV-B rays. 

3.  Oral and injected medications – they are used to treat severe psoriasis. Retinoids, mmethotrexate, cyclosporine etc are some of the treatments. 

·   Rosacea treatment

It is a long term chronic skin condition which caused red pus filled patches on the face. This redness is due to visible blood vessels. Depending on the patient, this condition may flare up and come again and again. Best skin treatment in Delhi aims to control the symptoms.  

The symptoms may include swollen red bumps, eye problems and enlarged nose. The specific cause is unknown but there are different trigger factors such as hot drinks, spicy food, extreme temperature etc. 

Best dermatologists in Delhi treat this condition by the following methods –

1. Medications – There are effective treatment that reduces redness. It needs to be applied regularly as the effect is not permanent. Antibiotics fight inflammation and are mainly taken as a pill.

2. Therapy – therapy is given in the form of laser. It helps in reducing the redness of the enlarged blood vessels. 


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