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How to get rid of acne with expert treatment

Our face is the most prominent part of the body related to aesthetic appearance. It is the first thing which people notice in us. We should always make sure that it is in the perfect condition. But conditions like acne don’t let our face glow. There are cosmetic products available in the market to help us in getting rid of this problem but in case of severe acne, it becomes impossible to deal without an expert’s touch. If you are searching for acne treatment in Delhi, then get in touch with Derma Circles.

Acne is a chronic condition of the skin which that causes ugly spots and pimples majorly on face, back and neck. It is a common condition which is not dangerous but can leave scars that will hamper your looks. It occurs when the hair follicles are plugged with oil and dead skin cells. It is most common in young adults and teenagers. Pimples are commonly caused by this condition. Treatment of pimples in Delhi is given according to the severity of the condition. There may be rise in androgen levels which is caused by hormonal changes.

Some of the common treatment options available under best skin specialists in Delhi are as follows –

·         Chemical peels

It is the treatment in which the outermost affected skin of the body is removed with the help of an acid solution. Alpha hydroxyl acid, trichloroacetic acid, phenol etc. are some commonly used acids. A new skin is revealed which has improved tone, texture and color. In this procedure, chemical peel is applied on the face. It is then removed with the help of water. Doctor may prescribe you a thick petroleum jelly after the procedure is over.

·         Acne scar surgery

This surgery is recommended to you if you are not getting results with lasers or needling. It is an aggressive treatment with amazing transformation. It is suitable for cystic acne and large inflamed pustules. In this surgery, acne are removed and replaced with healthy skin. Acne scar surgery takes around 1-3 hours depending on the severity of your condition.

·         Keloid management

It is a type of scar in which our skin is raised after the healing of the injury. It is caused by an excess of protein in the skin during the process of healing. Skin doctors in Delhi hamper the growth of keloids. Although they are not harmful to the health, they should be removed if you are uncomfortable with them. In the management process, these scars are inflamed which leads to leakage of blood. In the maturation stage, scar is healed.

·         Microneedling therapy

If you have scars that are deeper than the most, then microneedling therapy is for you. It uses the body’s own healing method to get rid of scars. There may be a tickling sensation when best dermatologists in Delhi are treating you. Use of topicals is encouraged while using this technique. This therapy is also helpful for people who are suffering from stretch marks and wrinkles. 


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