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How to treat problem of hair loss

Hair fall is an issue which is bothering many of us. We either are troubled by this problem or are trying to ignore this. In both the cases, it is affecting us. There is a conflict arising in the mind which is not letting us be our normal self. Hair is that part of the body which is directly related to aesthetic appearance. We are very much affected by how others will look at our hair and judge us. This causes mental stress to us. This is the time when you need help of expert opinion. It is done by getting best hair loss treatment in Delhi which is given by Derma Circles.

There are various different signs which are observed by an individual who is having problem of hair fall. Hair fall treatment in Delhi is given if you are experiencing the following signs –

·  One of the most common types of hair loss is gradual thinning on top of the head. It affects both males and females as they age. In males, the effect is seen in the forehead whereas in women, it is experienced in the broader area of the scalp. This type of loss runs in the family and is related to genes.

·   Another type is alopecia areata. It is not only visible on head but can also affect mustache and beard. It is an immunological disorder in which cells go rogue. Instead of protecting us from infections, they attack the hair forming cells.

·  Sudden loosening of hair is seen in noticed while combing hair or even shampooing. It is known as telogen effluvium. It can be caused due to different reasons such a stress, illness, low hemoglobin, thyroid disorders, poor diet. It is also noticed because of using styling gels etc. These reasons make texture of hair dull making them weaker in strength leading to breakage.

·   There is also full body hair loss which can be due to side effects of some major treatment. Chemotherapy is a common example. In this case, hair usually grows back.

Best dermatologists in Delhi treat this problem with the help of different techniques. Mesotherapy is one of those techniques. It is a non surgical treatment in which medicines are injected to grow hair. It may be done either with the help of mesogun or syringes. Proper examination of the area, where the injection is to be given, is done. The required amount of vitamins and minerals are injected to initiate the process of hair growth.

Best hair fall treatment in India is also given with the help of PRP therapy. In this procedure, platelets are taken from the patient’s own serum. Each component of the blood is separated and the platelet rich plasma is separated and injected into the patient’s scalp. It is specifically suggested to patients with androgenetic alopecia. As the person’s own blood is used, there are no side effects like allergies, hypersensitivity etc. After the procedure, you can resume your daily activities the same day.

One of the recent methods is laser hair fall treatment in Delhi. It is a treatment method that uses laser or light energy to promote hair growth. It is useful for both males and females. When it is imparted, it is absorbed into the cells which trigger enhanced cellular activity. It makes aging cells more active leading to hair growth. If you are suffering from hereditary condition, then you are a perfect candidate. Hair laser treatment results vary from individuals to individuals. The results also vary depending on which area of the scalp they are given.

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