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Improve Wrinkles With Mesotherapy Treatment

If we talk about our skin, then there are various different things that can be discussed. Right from how skin plays an important role in improving aesthetic appearance to wrinkles that happen in the old age and make us look old. And wrinkle is one of the biggest problems when it comes to skin issues. As we grow old and reach late thirties and early forties, our skin begins to look old and fine lines start to occur in the face. Wrinkles are also not far behind. And all of this does not come alone. They bring uneasiness and lots of frustration. The way out of these problems is mesotherapy.  Derma Circles gives you the best mesotherapy treatment in Delhi.


Mesotherapy is a non surgical treatment which is given to rejuvenate the skin in the form of injections of vitamins and other essentials. Mesotherapy is used to tighten loose skin, recontour the body, lighten pigmented skin and fade wrinkles and lines.

The procedure of mesthotherapy is safe and does not require any down time. It is a noninvasive procedure and you will be able to go home and return to daily activities right after. Sometimes a day off is required in case there is any swelling.

There is no standard formula for the substances to be injected in mesotherapy. The solutions which are injected include medicines like antibiotics, vasodilators, hormones such as calcitonin and thyroxin, herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals etc.

In this procedure, a numbing medicine is applied to your skin. A special short needle is used to get series of injections. A mechanical gun is used where the needle is attached. The depth of injections ranges from 1 o 4 mm into your skin. A needle is injected into your skin at an angle and only a tiny drop is placed with ach injection.

 Rosacea treatment

Rosacea is a common skin condition in which some spots on the skin appears to be red with pus filled bumps on the face. It mostly affects middle aged woman with fair skin. It can be mistaken for acne and other skin conditions.

 It can happen due to exposure to sunlight and fluctuating weather. Some other reasons are stress, consuming alcohol, caffeine and spicy foods. Rosacea treatment at Derma Circles, Delhi is done with the help of medications and sometimes options like laser and intense pulsed light, photodynamic therapy, glycolic peels etc.

Chemical peel rejuvenation

Chemical peel rejuvenation is a procedure to improve the appearance and presentation of the skin without undergoing any heavy surgeries. Some of the commonly treated areas are face, neck and hands. In this procedure, a solution is applied to the required area which flakes off the skin rendering it useless and it slowly gets peeled off.

Once the outermost layer of the skin is dead, it makes way for the new skin which is smoother in texture. Superficial peel, deep peel, retinoic acid peel are some of the methods which are used in chemical peel treatment.

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