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Several benefits of chin augmentation

When we use the word aesthetic appearance, it includes all the parts of our body, be it our head or toe. Each and every part is important to make sure that we look good. We must take care of every one of them if we want to look aesthetically pleasing. But what if some of them are not up to the mark and there is nothing we can do with that except take the help of a specialist. The same is true for our chin also. If you are looking for chin augmentation in Delhi, then consult Derma Circles.

A chin augmentation is a facial enhancement procedure to reshape and magnify the shape of the chin. It creates a more larger, projected and prominent chin in individuals who desire definition. It is an excellent option for anyone who feels their chin is not shaped according to their liking. It is either done by inserting an implant or reshaping the body. 

Benefits of chin surgery in Delhi are –

·     When the chin implants are fixed into the place on the top of natural chin, the results are permanent.

·    Patients who go ahead with this procedure are not happy with their side profile. This procedure gives an improved side profile.

·     It is ideal for people who want have a prominent nose and augmentation will balance out a strong nose.

·  After this procedure, you will be more confident with your appearance which will increase your confidence too.

·   The incisions are discreet which won’t leave any visible marks and will give you a natural result.

Best dermatologists in Delhi will first give you general anesthesia that will make you relaxed and sleepy. A cut is made, either inside the mouth or outside the chin. The implant is placed inside the pocket that is created in front of the chin bone and under the muscles. It is attached to the bone with the help of stitches or screws. If the surgeon needs to move some bones, then the cut will be made inside the mouth along the lower gum. The chin bone is accessed and cuts are made. This cut is closed with the help of stitches or a bandage. 

Vitiligo surgery

Vitiligo is a condition in which the skin loses its pigment cells known as melanocytes. This leads to loss of skin color in blotches. Different parts of the body are affected and even hair is not left alone. It is also known as leucoderma. Leucoderma treatment in Delhi is done with the help of surgery. The goal of these surgeries is to even out your skin tone by restoring color. Two most commonly used methods are –

·   Skin grafting – in this procedure, doctor removes very small sections of the normal and pigmented skin and attaches them to areas that have lost its pigment. It is used if you have small patches.

·   Blister grafting – In this form of vitiligo surgery in Delhi, blisters are created on your pigmented skin. The top of these blisters is removed and transplanted on the area of discolored skin.

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