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What is dermal transplantation and How does it help in acne scars

Dermal transplantation is the procedure of removing healthy skin from one part of the body and grafting it to some other part to hide acne scars, wounds or surgery scars. But it has shown most successful results for acne scars.

Dermal transplant for scars in Delhi has evolved with the latest technology and experienced dermatologists who give their best to look through into each case and provide the best possible treatment.

Our skin is made up of two layers; epidermal layer and dermis layer. Epidermal layer is the outermost layer and heal itself after an injury to the skin (it may be through a wound or skin problems like acne). It is the dermis layer that causes the formation of scars as it isn’t as capable as epidermal layer to treat itself. The broken tissues cause the scar appearance.

In a dermal transplant procedure, the surgeon removes the dermis skin layer from areas like thigh, buttocks or waist region and grafts these skin layers to the affected areas. At Derma Circles, we have some of the best skin specialists in Delhi who go through thorough examination before taking the patient to any type of surgical procedure.

Acne scars were initially removed using laser treatments. In fact, laser acne scar reduction in Delhi is a very popular source of treatment for acne reduction. But laser treatment can still leave the remnants of scar are left behind. With the dermal transplant technology, the procedure has become much cleaner than the laser treatment method.

The dermal transplant procedure is performed using needles and the technique is minimally invasive so the scar formation is non-existence. Under an expertise hand, the patient won’t even know about the surgery.

After the surgery, the patient is allowed to leave the hospital after a few hours or maximum a day. He/she is asked to maintain regular check ups so that the doctor can make sure that the surgery was successful and nothing unusual is happening.

Getting a surgery is a huge decision. You must be aware of the complete procedure and the consequences that may arise after the surgery. Talk to the doctor about all the doubts that you may have with the surgery and understand that you need to have realistic expectations from the surgery. The patient needs to put his or her trust in the doctor to get a satisfied result.


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