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What is meant by laser skin rejuvenation

Our skin not only protects the body but also it provides sensitivity. This makes the function of skin an important one. All the outer things first come in contact with our skin and it protects us from harmful ones. And sometimes while doing this, it gets damaged. Maybe there is some infection or condition that is suffered by it. Or maybe, with age, there might be problems occurring in its appearance. If you suffer from any of this problem, then you need to consult a specialist. They will treat you with the help of laser skin rejuvenation in Delhi which is best given by Derma Circles.

As we become old, there is occurrence of blotches, wrinkles and other fine lines that make your skin look older than we actually are. This problem is completely solved with the help of laser rejuvenation. It is a non surgical method which removes fine lines and wrinkles with complete rejuvenation. It will leave you with healthier skin and younger looking surface. It treats uneven skin tone, stretch marks, scars, superficial acne scars, enlarged pores etc. It works by stimulating the production of collagen. In this procedure, a beam of thermal energy is directly into the skin which penetrates into deeper layers of the skin creating enhanced tighter skin with tiny pores and diminished wrinkles. The results are viewed within a week with minimum downtime and discomfort. It is suitable for most of the skin types. Most of the types can be operated with this procedure by skin specialist.

Another problem which is suffered by our skin is of acne. In this condition, our skin cells become plugged with oil and dead cells forming raised spots on the skin. Problems also occur when these acne dry off. This leaves skin with scars which do not go off. They are formed when the skin tissues are damaged. The treatment of scars depends on the type of the scar which is suffered by the skin. Some of the scars are mentioned below –

·    Atrophic scars – The results of scars are seen beneath the surface of the skin. It heals below the surface. The lost tissues are not able to regenerate leaving behind scarring. They are either due to chickenpox or having a mole removed.

·   Hypertrophic scars – In simple terms, it is a raised scar which is formed due to deposits of excessive collagen. They should not be confused with keloids.

Laser acne scar reduction in Delhi is a very efficient method to treat the problem of acne scar. If you have stubborn scars, then this method is for you. It is a non invasive treatment which uses short pulses of micro laser light. They penetrate the deep layers of skin. The damaged tissue is then swept away from the body. It is a simple and fast procedure. Only 40 minutes are needed for this procedure depending on the size of the area to be checked. Laser scar treatment method takes over 4-6 sessions over a period of two months.


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