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What is the treatment option for psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition in which skin cells buildup. In other words, the life cycle of skin cells is escalated leading to itchy and dry patches. The symptoms of this disease come and go. There is no specific cure for this condition but treatment can manage the symptoms. You should consult a credible clinic to get rid of this condition. Derma Circles gives the best psoriasis treatment in Delhi.

This condition is identified with the help of the following symptoms –

·      Patches which are red in color gets accumulated in skin.

·      Scaling spots commonly seen in children.

·      Cracked skin which leads to bleeding.

·       Effect is also seen in the nails. They become pitted and ridged.

Skin specialists in Delhi categorize Psoriasis into the following types –

·       Plaque psoriasis – It is the most common form which occurs anywhere in the body and causes red skin plaques which are raised.

·     Nail psoriasis – As the name implies, it affects fingernails and toenails. They might loosen and fall off from the bed of the nail.

·   Guttate psoriasis – it primarily affects children and young adults. It is caused by a bacterial infection and identified by small water based lesions.

Best skin clinic in Delhi have linked this condition to an immune system problem of white blood cells and T cells. They are triggered with the help of smoking, alcohol consumption, vitamin D deficiency, certain medications etc. Treatment options include topical corticosteroids, Vitamin D analogues, Anthralin etc. There are other options such as light therapy. It uses natural and artificial ultraviolet light. Artificial light is given with the help of Ultraviolet B light. If these treatment methods are not working, then you will be given oral and injected medicines. 

Another common condition related to skin is Eczema. It is also known as atopic dermatitis. These are a group of conditions which causes inflammation of the skin. It becomes itchy, red, cracked and rough. In some cases, blisters are also formed. According to best skin doctors in Delhi, it is a chronic condition which is which has no cure but itching and new invasion can be controlled with treatment.

Some of the common risk factors associated with this condition as mentioned by best dermatologists in Delhi are mentioned below –

·    Around half the children with this condition develop hay fever and asthma.

·  Neurodermatitis is a condition in which there is just a small area which suffers from itchy skin.

·    There are some skin infections that cause open sores and cracks.

·    Other common risk factors include irritant hand dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis etc.

Eczema treatment in Delhi is given by trying different methods over a period of time. You may be prescribed corticosteroid cream, after moisturizing. For more severe cases, you may be given oral drugs such as prednisone. Wet therapy is another solution. It is an effective treatment which involves wrapping the affected areas with wet bandages. Patients who flare again immediately are given light therapy.

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