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Best Dermatologist in Delhi

Are you one of those people who are disappointed by your aesthetic appearance? All the cosmetic products or home remedy has failed to click for you? If yes is the obvious answer to these questions then you are in the dire need of consulting Derma Circles for simple and safe solution. Most of the skin problems cause aesthetic concerns of skin, scalp, hair, and nails. The trained dermatologists at Derma Circles keep themselves updated with changing medical trends. Their all-encompassing experience in microbiology, pathology, biochemistry, physics, physiology, and endocrinology makes them familiar with other medical specialties too. We offer surgical and non-surgical Dermatological treatments for:

Derma Circles is a brainchild of two extremely professional doctors – Dr Prateek Sondhi and Dr. Prakash Kumar Khute. They both are well known specialist and have received their training from AIIMS. Under their guidance, there are dermatologists at Derma Circles who deal with any problem which they face with proper professionalism. They are the best dermatologists in Delhi. They are world renowned skin specialists in Delhi who have been trained at AIIMS, New Delhi. They have performed a wide range of skin surgeries dealing with different body parts and have earned the goodwill of patients all around the country. With years of experience and hundreds of surgeries behind them, they are highly experienced in imparting patient centric techniques depending on the exact requirement.

Eczema treatment
Eczema is defined as an itchy inflammation of the skin which leaves red marks. The skin becomes cracked and rough. It is visible through rashes and also affects the face. To make sure that your aesthetic appearance is not hampered, Derma Circle offers effective skin care plans which are tailored to your needs.

Birthmark removal
It is a term used to describe common skin marks that are present at birth or appear soon afterwards, usually in the first month. They are caused by overgrowth of blood vessels and no matter how small or big, keep you from getting on with life. Derma Circles offer surgical and non-surgical treatments for the same.

Psoriasis treatment
It is a chronic skin condition that causes scaly, itchy and red patched due to faster multiplication of the skin cells. At our clinic, we offer combination of treatments for the treatment of this condition. Dr Prateek Sondhi has vast experience with the drug Adalimumab. He has injected this drug more than 100 times with tremendous response.

It is a condition in which some areas of the skin appear to be darker than the surrounding skin due to presence of excess of melanin. Derma Circles are experienced in imparting different procedures such as laser peel and chemical peel treatment in which old skin is peeled off.

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