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Birthmark Removal

Birthmark Removal

Birthmarks no matter how big or small, keeps you from getting on with life. They are either noticed at birth, or sometime later. Oval in shape, birthmarks can be blue, gray, light-brown,and milky-coffee in colour, and sometimes large brown, or black moles.


There has been no definite cause to be found so far, that leads to a birthmark. However, these are the possibly known causes:

Abnormal blood vessels under the skin
Clustering of pigment cells
Birthmarks may be present at birth or may manifest later in life as late as 3rd to 4th decade


Huge birthmarks running down on a significant body part doesn’t look pleasing and, people from all over the world look out for solutions to get rid of their birthmarks. Derma Circles offers surgical and non-surgical treatments for the same. We go an extra mile to remove the birthmark through different procedures such as laser just in case a birthmark starts affecting a patient’s overall health.

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