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Earlobe Repair

Earlobe Repair

Everyone loves to get ready for a special occasion once in a while. The definition of getting ready may be different for different people. For some, it may be just wearing good clothes, for others, it may be applying make up to look more attractive. Some people are fond of ear rings. They wear fancy earrings for daily use. And some time, what that heavy usage does is, it makes our ear more stretched than they should be which may make our ear look a bit different and more observable. If you have a problem similar to this, then, our team at Derma Circles is happy to help you.

What is earlobe repair?

Earlobe repair, as the name suggests, is a process in which our ears are brought to the normal shape that have been split due to the extensive use of heavy piercings.

How is it performed?

This procedure requires the use of an incision. After this, the process of repairing is done with the help of stitches. This procedure requires the use of local anesthesia before the process is started.

Are you a candidate?

If you use heavy earrings and due to that use, your ears are stretched which has caused damage to your earlobes, then this procedure is for you.

What are the benefits?

As this procedure requires only a local anesthesia, it is a fairly simple procedure which does not require long time. At the time of surgery itself a new piercing is done at a different site so that ear rings can be worn as early as 1 week after surgery.

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