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Fat Transplant / Transfer

Fat Transplant / Transfer

As we grow old, the skin tends to sag down and wrinkle. This is partly due to loss of stem cells. It has recently been discovered that fat cells are a source for stem cells. Autologous fat transplants are the latest and extremely safe way to replenish these stem cells and is an essential part of any antiaging procedure.

What is autologous fat transplant
Autologous fat transplant is a procedure in which fat is removed from the part of the body where it is excessive and used in an area where it is fat desired.

How is it performed?
The fat is harvested with the help of liposuction and injected at the deficient areas. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and takes about 2 hours to perform.

Are you a candidate?
There are certain conditions that happen with age for example frown lines, wrinkles etc. These things are treated with autologous fat transplant. If you think that your lips need more volume, then also you are a candidate.

What are the benefits?
This procedure requires very less time but the effects are long lasting. As the fat used is from our own body, there are no allergic reactions involved.


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