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Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Treatment

Our hair defines our personality. Hair loss can have a devastating effect not only on the looks but also on the psyche. Identifying the most effective treatment for hair loss can be an extremely difficult & sometimes confusing task. There are thousands of products that challenge to prevent and reverse hair loss. Many of these claims are ill founded. At Derma Circles, we believe that an accurate diagnosis is of utmost importance in treating the hair disorder. We provide complete up to date information on the disorders and the various treatment options available so that the patient can take an informed decision.

Hair loss in not only limited to scalp but can affect the body hair also. So, we always recommend people to consult a specialist to have the right treatment at the right time.

What can be the sign of Hair Loss?

Gradual thinning on top of the head.
It is the most common type of hair loss encountered in both men and women. It is also known as male pattern hair loss (MPHL) or female pattern hair loss (FPHL). In men, hair usually begins to recede from the forehead and women typically lose hair in a broader area of the scalp while preserving the frontal hairline margin. It has strong genetic background and generally runs in families.

Patchy bald spots on the scalp.
This type of hair loss can be seen not only on the scalp but on mustache and beard are too. Scientifically it is known as alopecia areata. It is an immunological disorder. In simpler terms, the cells of body which are supposed to protect us from infections, start to attack the hair forming cells.

Sudden loosening of hair.
People generally suffer from an emotional shock when their handful of hair come out while combing or shampooing. This type of hair loss is called telogen effluvium. Telogen effluvium has many causes like stress, a recent illness, surgery, thyroid disorders, low hemoglobin, vitamin D deficiency, poor diet, hair styling measures etc.With new trends like zero figure or unnecessary fasting have caused deficiency various vitamins, minerals and proteins which are highly required by the body for maintaining a healthy hair. With the availability of easy technology to style your hair, like straightening, coloring, curling etc., our hair is exposed to the extreme level of heat unnecessary chemicals. Due to all these reasons, the texture of hair becomes dull and dry making our hair weaker in strength, which can lead to hair breakage and hair fall.

Patches of scaling that spread over the scalp.
It can be a sign is a sign of ringworm infection which is accompanied by the broken hair, itching, redness, swelling etc. It is most commonly seen in school going children.

When to seek medical help?

You should seek a medical help when you or the sufferer are distressed by the hair loss problem. In the case of sudden loss of hair like patches on the scalp, hair coming more than usual while combing or bathing, then you should definitely consult a specialist to rule out any underlying disease other than just a hair loss problem.

Hair Loss Treatment at Derma Circles

We regularly perform Trichoscopy at no extra charge to the patient. Trichoscopy is one of the latest advancements in diagnosing hair disorders. In this technique, a specialized instrument known as Trichoscope is used (which can magnify the hair up to 200 times) to accurately diagnose the condition. The procedure can be performed in an OPD setting and is a painless procedure which takes about 5 minutes. It can be mirrored to a computer screen so that the patient can himself/herself look at the condition of hair. Photographs can also be taken to compare improvement at a later date.

Treatment for hair loss include oral/topical/ injectable medications, surgery, laser therapy. According to the extent of hair loss problem, our specialists may suggest a combination of these treatment modalities in order to get the best results.

The goals of treatment are to promote hair growth, slow hair loss or hide hair loss thus leading to a youthful appearance.

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