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Keloid Scar Management

Keloid Scar Management

While playing it’s common to get hurt. A scrape or a cut is what you generally get when your main focus is on enjoying and having a good time. That may be a minor injury at time and the resulting wound can leave a scar in your skin. That scar may be a keloid. A keloid is nothing but an overgrown skin at the place of an old injury that may or may not have been healed up. Keloidscan be itchy and cause a great deal of anxiety and social embarrassment. Are not potent but should definitely be looked upon. We, at Derma Circles will give you the best consultancy related to Keloid management.

What is keloid management?

Keloid management is a procedure used in hampering the growth of keloids on the skin.

How is it performed?

There are many procedures available for keloid management. These include intralesional steroids,cryotherapy, pressure dressings, silicone sheet compression therapy. Recently electrosurgical ablation of keloids is described which is a novel technique done at very few centers in the world. Derma Circles in one of the centers where this procedure is performed.

Are you a candidate?

While thinking of undergoing this procedure, you have to keep your expectations in check. Any procedure done for keloids can result in 60-70% reduction in the size of keloids.

What are the benefits?

By undergoing keloid management, you can get rid of itching that occurs on the surface of keloids.

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