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Laser Acne Scar Reduction

Laser Acne Scar Reduction

Acne occurs when pores in the skin fill up with dead skin cells, oil, and bacteria. These pores may become inflamed in severe cases. This is known as nodulocystic acne.

In such cases, our body creates collagen to repair the lesion formed, which ends up breaking the smoothness and the texture of the skin. This could lead to depressions and indentations on the skin surface which are known as scars.

Primarily there are two types of scars, namely, hypertrophic and atrophic.

Hypertrophic – such acne scars form when there is the excess of collagen production resulting in scars which are elevated above the skin surface.

Atrophic – such acne scars leave depressions on the skin surface due to loss of tissue during the process of healing.

Laser acne scar reduction is a minimally invasive, approach to scar treatment that offers outstanding results with minimal discomfort and downtime post procedure. We use advanced laser technology to diminish the scars lesion without harming the surrounding skin. In just few treatment sessions, your scars would be less visible, leaving behind a smoother and better skin.

Who is the right candidate for the procedure?

Laser Acne Scar treatment is effective for any skin type, including very light and very dark skin. Our skin specialists will determine if you are a right candidate for this treatment based on your scar(s) and skin condition.

The procedure

A special numbing cream is applied for 2 hours prior to the procedure. Thereon the procedure is expected to be painless. The laser procedure takes 10-15 minutes to complete after which a topical antibiotic is applied. Post procedure some redness and swelling may occur which is expected to settle down in a few days. Sun exposure must be avoided for the next 5-7 days to prevent post procedure hyperpigmentation. Further sessions can be repeated at 4-6 weekly intervals.

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