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Melanocyte Transplantation

Melanocyte Transplantation

Vitiligo, as we all know, is a skin condition which does not bring any immediate effect to our health. The area which is suffering from this condition doesn’t even feel any pain or any discomfort. The question that pops up in one’s mind is, then why is Vitilgo considered to be such a big thing? It’s because of the social stigma that it brings with it. And to end that stigma not only we need to open our heart for those suffering from this condition but also encourage people to undergo treatment for the same. People with this condition should try melanocyte transplantation and you will get the best treatment at Derma Circles.

What is melanocyte transplantation?
Melanocyte transplantation is the procedure to treat vitiligo by removing white patches that are on the skin.

How is it performed?
Giving anesthesia is the first step in performing this surgery. After this step, a biopsy is taken, preferably of the upper thigh which is then examined and then the skin is secluded. The affected area which is left open is then covered with the help of dry collagen sheet so that proper healing is done. Final touches to this procedure are given with the help of micropore.

Are you a candidate?
People suffering from Vitiligo are suitable candidates for this procedure.

What are the benefits?
Melanocyte transplantation helps in getting rid of vitiligo which in turn helps in getting rid of the stigma associated with this disease. The success rate of this particular process is also very high.

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