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Micropunch Grafting

Micropunch Grafting

Acne’s are very common. They have become so common that we have taken them as part and parcel of our life. We are bothered by them but we don’t do anything about them because in most of the cases, we don’t know the solution for that. And along with, they also bring scars with them. That scars cause further embarrassment to us. We become self conscious and in some cases block ourself from the outer world as those scars make us edgy. If you relate with all of these problems, then micropunch grafting is the way out for you. And we, at Derma Circles, are aware of this issue and therefore, provide the best care that you can get.

What is micropunch grafting?
Micropunch grafting is a process which is used for removal of scars from your face and skin which may be due to acne or other specified reasons.

How is it performed?
Micropunch grafting follows a very simple process. In this process, after the anesthesia is given, a hole is made in the skin with the help of a 0.5mm larger punch device. Then the scar is removed from that hole and new skin is positioned in place of that scar. After the procedure is done, dressing is used for healing purposes.

Are you a candidate?
If you have scars on your face and skin that are causing uneasiness to you, then you are a perfect candidate?

What are the benefits?
You will have scar free body after this process and the procedure is pain free.

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