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Skin conditions vary from one person to another. It’s easy to identify a rash or an acne as they are visible to the naked eye and therefore easy to notice and proper care can be taken of them at the earliest. But what about those infections that are not visible. Microscopy is done for them. There are various different in microscopy. One of them is gram straining. In this procedure, any bacterial infection is looked upon in body liquids like urine, blood etc. In KOH test, used with the help of potassium hydroxide, infections of body parts like hair, nail etc. And to get the best treatment with the help of microscopy, Derma Circles is the place.

What is microscopy?

Microscopy is a field in which irregularities related to our body are tested with the help of microscope.

How is it performed?

In KOH test, samples are collected from the area of infection. Then the samples are placed on the microscopic slide to and then it is analyzed to get the desired result. In gram stain solution, gram iodine solution is used for cleansing purposes on the slide. In Gram stain solution, two groups are there- Gram Positive and gram negative. Both, gram positive and negative, show that there is something wrong with us.

Are you a candidate?

You are a candidate if you are suffering from any kind of bacterial infections which are not visible to the eye.

What are the benefits?

Microscopy is done as minute viruses are also detected by this procedure.

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