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Nail Surgery

Nail Surgery

When compared with other parts like eyes, nose and lips, one part that may look a bit insignificant is Nail. But that is not the case. It may not get all the accolades for being the part of your glowing body but it plays an all important part in protecting your fingertips and other surrounding area. A healthy nail will protect you from injuries of hands as well as your leg. So it becomes even more important to protect your nails. But for any reason if you have damaged your nail, not to worry, nail surgery is here. Nail surgery is also helpful if you have an ingrown nail. Our team at Derma Circles is highly qualified to perform this surgery.

What is nail surgery?

Nail surgery is a technique which is used to perform to correct ingrown or damaged nails.

How is it performed?

First step of this surgery is to provide local anesthesia so that no pain is felt. This anesthesia is carefully given on the base of the toe. Then the ingrown nail is removed and a tight band is applied to prevent any blood loss. After the surgery is complete, toe may remain num for 3-4 hours.

Are you a candidate?

A perfect candidate for this surgery is one who is suffering from ingrown nail or a damaged nail.

What are the benefits?

The procedure of nail surgery does not require much time. It get’s over in under two hours. This surgery removes any pain or discomfort caused by damaged or ingrown nail.

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