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Patch Testing

Patch Testing

Pollution has been rising in the city quite alarmingly. This pollution can cause our skin to react in a negative way. No matter if we have desk job or an outside job, chances are, we are going to get bothered and affected by pollution. What this pollution does is, cause allergy to the skin. More commonly allergies are determined with the help of blood test but in some cases blood test is not enough to know the exact reason of the allergy. And to identify those chemicals, patch testing is done. Eczema, a type of a skin rash, can be successfully detected with the help of patch testing. Our team at Derma Circles, has fully equipped machines to perform this test.

What is patch testing?

Patch testing is a procedure which is done to recognize which substances are causing allergic reactions to our body.

How is it performed?

Substances that cause allergies are applied to the patches and then these patches are planted on the skin. Around 20-30 substances are used as allergens which may cause rashes in the skin. Also, it may take several days for the allergic reaction to take place.

Are you a candidate?

If you are having allergies and don’t know the exact reason for those allergies, then you are a candidate for patch testing. You will have to know that some rashes can occur after a month or so after patch testing is done.

What are the benefits?

Blood tests are not enough for some kind of tests and in those cases, patch testing is beneficial.

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