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Acne scars are the sequalae of severe acne. Each individual's skin is different. Since me people have a tendency for scarring of skin following a burst of pimples. Thus it is essential to take acne treatment early. This is important because pimples will come and go but scars will remain forever.

Acne scars can have a severely negative impact on a person's life. It can hamper the self esteem of an individual. I know patients who refuse to go out of their rooms because of sheer embarrassment due to acne scars.

Recently I met a crying mother in my office. Her complaint was that her daughter refused to buy new clothes for Durga Puja because according to her what difference will good clothes make if her face is full of scars. This behavior in turn has impacted the entire family.

Thus acne scars are an under appreciated problem. There are 4 main types of acne scars. They are rolling scars, boxscar scars, icepick scars and elevated papular scars. Each of these scars requires a different modality to treat. Thus every face should be carefully examined to assess the type of scars under adequate magnification and good lighting.

Face charting is a good way to chart the location and severity of scars. Multiple photographs should be taken in multiple position as certain acne scars are visible only in certain poses.

Treatment of acne scars has various challenges. It has to be understood that there at places of acne scars normal skin does not exist. Pimples damage the skin and the skin is replaced by a scar. No one can make the scars disappear. A scar can be converted to a less noticable scar. This in turn can improve the cosmesis of the face.

Thus treatment of scars aims to prove the texture of skin surface and reduce the depth of the scars. Once depth of the scars is reduced more light will be able to reach the scar making them less noticable.

Conventional therapies for acne scars include microneedling, subscision, carbon dioxide laser, microneedling radio frequency, Erbium YAG laser, dermabrasion etc. All of these therapies are helpful in a subset of patients.

Ok acne scars the top layer of skin gets stuck to the underlying layer which pulls it down. These are known as adhesions. These adhesions must be broken for depressed skin to start rising up. This can be achieved only by subscision. However there are problems with conventional subscision. Conventional subscision uses sharp needles which are often not large in size. The sharp needles cause lot of pain and also cause significant bruising which increases the downtime for patients.

To overcome these difficulties a new instrument was developed. The instrument uses a blunt 10 cm blade which causes no bleeding and is able yo tackle large parts of face through a single entry point. This technique is delivering consistently better result than all the other techniques combined.

Derma Circles has been a pioneer of this technique and has already helped many patients who are silently suffering from acne scars.

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