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Chin is the protruding part of the face that is below the lower lip and formed by the apex of the lower jaw. When we talk about our looks, then chin is definitely not the first thing which we think or which comes in the mind but it does play a role. Some of the time the appearance of the chin may not to be our liking. It may be protruding out a bit too much or may not have developed fully. This is the time when there is need of correcting this problem. It is done in the form of chin surgery in Delhi.

Chin augmentation is the surgical procedure to reshape the chin. In most of the cases, it is magnified. It is the most suitable option for people who think their chin is not in relation to the rest of the face. It not only adds proportion to the chin but also provides balance to other features of the face. But chin augmentation in Delhi is not an option for people with weak chin profile. Good candidates include those who have a recessed chin, prominent nose and fleshy neck.

Skin specialists in Delhi perform this procedure most commonly by adding an implant. Before starting this procedure, general anesthesia is administered. A cut is made under the chin. The implant is placed inside the pocket in front of the chin bone and under the muscles. The implant can be made of different materials such as fat tissue, silicone, Teflon etc. In some cases, real bone or fat tissue is used. To hold the implant, stitches or screws are used in place. This procedure may be carried out alone or in combination with other. The results are permanent and long lasting.

Best dermatologists in Delhi also deal with Vitiligo. Our body has melanocytes which are nothing but melanin producing cells. This melanin gives color to the body. Vitiligo is a medical condition in which there is loss of melanocytes in the skin. This in turn causes los of skin color in patches. In this condition, either pigment producing cells die or stop functioning. It is more common in people with darker skin and can affect any part of the body. Even mouth, hair and eyes are not spared.

It is also known as leucoderma. Leucoderma treatment in Delhi is given if you observe the following symptoms –

· Loss of skin color in patches.

· Sudden whitening of hair.

· Loss of color in tissues that line the inside of the mouth.

· There are changes in color of the eye.

There are different techniques in imparting Vitiligo surgery in Delhi. Some of the common ones are –

· Skin grafting – small area of the normal skin is removed and attached to the area that has lost the pigment.

· Blister grafting – Blisters are created on the pigmented skin. Top of the blister is removed and transplanted to an area of discolored skin.

· Micropigmentation – this procedure is helpful when there is Vitiligo in and around the lips.

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