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Here is the ultimate guide on how to stay forever young

Who doesn't want to look beautiful ?

Humans have always been fascinated with beauty. Even babies who are less than a month old and barely know anything about the world love to see at beautiful faces for a longer period of time.

Unfortunately everyone ages with time. The once soft and blemish free skin starts to sag. The forehead develops various lines and wrinkles. It gives an angry and surprised look. the eyes start to sink in. The size of eyes becomes smaller. Laugh lines develop around eyes. A hollowness appears under the eyes which gives a tired look as if one hasn't slept well.

The cheeks start to lose their uniform contour. The area in front of the ears starts to lose volume and gives a hollow look.

The good news is that treatment in available for all these problems. There are many procedures which one can do to look better and fresher for one's age. In this blog I will discuss few of the most common anti aging procedures which can be done.

1. Botulinum toxin injections. Who hasn't heard the name Botox or Dysport. These are substances which help us in removing the fine lines and wrinkles from our forehead and around the eyes area. Once we inject Botox in the forehead area, the horizontal lines on the forehead reduce (figure 1)

Figure 1 : Image showing reduction in wrinkles on right side

. These lines appear earlier in individuals who show lot of surprise expression. Smiling can lead to formation of smile lines around the eyes. These are also knows as crows feet. These lines also make a person look old and also reduce the size of the eyes. Botox injection around eyes leads to reduction in these lines (figure 2).

Figure 2: Showing reduction of laugh lines with the help of botulinum injections


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