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Skin has a lot of importance in the body. There are different functions which it plays. As it is the outermost layer, it protects us from injuries. Instead of affecting different body parts, it protects them. It also regulates temperature and excretes waste away in the form of sweat. But the function doesn’t stop here. It also plays a large role in maintaining our looks. Aesthetic appearance depends on the glow of skin. But there are some diseases and conditions which affect the skin. Derma Circles is the answer to the problem. They are considered as the best skin specialists in Delhi.

Some of the best skin treatments in Delhi provided by them are as follows –

· Chemical peel rejuvenation

It is a treatment in which layers of damaged skin are removed by applying an acid solution. It rejuvenates skin of face, head and neck. The procedure is done without any down time and is quite safe. It is used in getting rid of pigmentation and getting back the lost glow. This procedure starts by cleansing the skin. Acid solution is applied to the area where there is need of peeling. The outermost dead layer of the skin will then be removed. Multiple sessions are needed at 4-6 weeks interval. The whole process is quite safe and the success rate is also high.

· Mesotherapy

Best dermatologist in Delhi use mesotherapy as it is a non surgical cosmetic treatment to enhance the condition of skin. Injections are used to rejuvenate skin and remove extra fat. The injection has vitamins, hormones, enzymes, plant extracts etc. Today, mesotherapy is used to reduce cellulite, get rid of wrinkles, tightens loose skin and recontour the skin. The general aim behind mesotherapy is to correct poor circulation and get rid of inflammation that affects the skin. In this procedure, very fine needles are used to deliver injections into the middle layer of the skin.

· Injection lipolysis

It is also a non surgical procedure which is given to considerably reduce the number of fat cells the body. The chemical used is known as deoxycholic acid. It disrupts fat cells and causes them to die. It is suitable for people who have good skin tone and don’t want to undergo any major surgery. In this procedure, local anesthesia is applied first. A make will be made in the area where the solution will be injected. It is injected in a single lipolysis treatment. The result is long lasting.

· Micropunch grafting

This is a simple and effective treatment imparted by best skin clinics in Delhi. It is a procedure which is used to remove scars from the skin. Acne troubles everyone and when they dry, they leave behind scars which affect our looks. This procedure starts by giving anesthesia. An incision of about 0.5 mm is made with a punch device. The scar is removed and new skin is positioned in its place. For healing, dressing is used. The procedure requires no downtime and is painless.


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