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How to find the right Cosmetologist or Dermatologist?

Of late, cosmetic industry has been booming for the past few years universally. This boom has reached India too. Thanks to the advent of soft tissue fillers, facial rejuvenation no longer requires tedious surgeries. Now, there are numerous lunchtime procedures available, which can be done comfortably in the physician’s office on a chair.

However, it must not be taken lightly. If the procedure goes wrong, dangerous side effects could occur. Therefore, choosing the right Dermatologist is a major part. 1. It ensures safety. 2. It gives long-lasting results

How to choose the right Dermatologist?

Finding the best Dermatologist near you is easier these days, with the help of internet. Yet, consider the following, before fixing an appointment.

Firstly, make sure that the person treating you is actually a doctor. In some clinics, nurses and technicians attempt these procedures. It is risky. You may even ask the physician for his or her degree.

Secondly, ensure that the physician is trained in administering soft tissue fillers. If the physician has acquired some special training in these procedures that can be helpful.

Carrying out the procedure is different from meeting the aesthetic requirements. The right Dermatologist starts the procedure by getting your beauty wishes, your aesthetic needs. Then, he/she customises the procedure accordingly. The third factor is to understand it is a two-way process. The physician has to understand your needs. You can figure it out during the consultation phase.

Blindly accepting your needs is also not sufficient. A Dermatologist must examine yourself before initiating the procedure. Every physician must confirm: whether it is feasible or not, whether your skin supports the procedure or not, whether any additional treatments required or not and whether it is achievable or not. He/she sets a realistic expectation and keeps you informed about the entire process.

Lastly, aesthetic physicians can be from different academic backgrounds. They may be dermatologists, dentists, plastic surgeons etc. They may all have their merits and demerits. For instance, a dentist helps you with fixing teeth for a better smile. A dermatologist can help you with your skin using fillers and other procedures. A plastic surgeon may offer additional surgical therapies. Choose what exactly you need and then start looking for an aesthetic physician.

If you have any aesthetic wish regrading skin and hair, you can reach out to us.

Dr. Prateek Sondhi Dermatologist and Aesthetic Physician Dr Prateek has a large experience of aesthetic procedures including cheek enhancement, jawline reshaping, under eye dark circles correction. He practices at his clinic Derma Circles in South Extention.


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