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How to get rid of saggy skin with Thread Lift

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Ageing is an inevitable process. Everyone loves to have a beautiful and a flawless skin. Our body is made up of various layers. There is skin having two layers. Then comes the fat layer followed by the muscle and then the bone. With age there are changes in all the layers. The skin starts to become loose and wrinkly. The process of wrinkling depends on the thickness of skin. Those with thin skin show a lot of fine wrinkles all over the face. However those individuals with thick skin tend to behave in a different way. Their skin in general shows only few but very deep folds. Indians in general tend to have heavy faces and tend to develop these kind of folds.

There are many ways to lift the face. This is an era of non surgical corrections of conditions. People rarely want to undergo a knife for any kind of upliftment of face. One of the most common methods of face lift correction is in form of fillers. These are injections of hyaluronic acid which absorb water on entering the body and cause upliftment of structures. While fillers are very good options for people looking for minimal downtime, it works best for people with thin faces.

In people with thicker skins thread lift offers a new approach in pulling the face. Thread lift is a procedure in which strong thread are inserted into deep layer of skin and are used to pull the face in upward direction. The threads are specially built to have bars on their surface which fixes with tissue very well thus giving a stronger and a long lasting lift.

There are many different types of thread available in the market. The most commonly used threads are called Cog threads. They are inserted around the hair line margin or the jawline margin. Some of the commonly used threads are Tesslift Soft and Mint Lift threads.

For a stronger pull Mint Easy threads are available. These are very long (43 cm in size). They are inserted in the hairline and brought down to the cheeks from where they are pulled. These provide greater tensile strength and thus are able to provide a greater pull to the face.

The procedure is done under local anesthesia. It is an office based procedure and takes only 30-40 minutes to complete the procedure. Some amount of pain lasts for 6-7 days however it rarely hampers day to day activities. The effect of threads lasts for 1-2 years.

The various indications of thread lift procedure are

1. Cheek lift

2. Nasolabial fold correction

3. Jawline definition

4. Neck tightening

5. Eyebrow lifting

6. Causing hair growth in patients suffering from advanced grades of baldness

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