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Laser hair reduction is the most common cosmetic procedure that damages or destroys the hair follicles. It is a safe and veryeffective procedure,alternate to shaving, waxing and tweezing.

How the laser works?

Lasers have been programmed in such a way that they identify black colour and then burn it. uses the light to target the pigment in the individual hairs and destroys the follicle.

Who can go for laser?

a. Any individual aged 15 years and above who have unwanted hair on the body for cosmetic reason

b. Hirsutism

c. For medical treatment purposes

Which laser to choose?

Alexandrite laser, diode laser and Nd: YAG laser are good laser for all fair skinned and dark skinned individuals respectively.

Prerequisite for Laser hair reduction

a. Patients are instructed not to go for waxing, threading, plucking if he/she decides to go for laser hair reduction treatment

b. Laser works only on the Black hair

c. Should not use any over the counter creams

d. Female patients should be evaluated to rule out PCOS condition.

Procedure of Laser hair removal

Hair is trimmed or shaved prior to the procedure and area to be treated is properly cleaned. Cooling gel is applied on the skin and the laser parameters are adjusted by a trained technician according to colour, thickness and location of hair and laser beam is targeted.

Post procedure care

a. Sun protection is advised at least 3 days after laser

b. Patient should be educated to report any adverse events post procedure

Is its permanent hair removal?

No, it’s a gradual and permanent hair reduction. It requires at least 6 – 8 sittings for optimum results and each session is placed at 4 weeks interval.

Is laser hair reduction painful?

It’s a quite painless procedure as cooling gel is applied during the procedure along with inbuilt cooling system.

Adverse/side effects

a. Mild redness, stinging or discomfort which subsides immediately

b. Hyperpigmentation particularly in dark skinned individuals which is temporary

c. Rare side effects are crusting and oozing which can be treated accordingly.

Does laser hair reduction cause cancer?

There is no evidence that laser hair removal therapy can cause cancer

So laser hair removal is a safe, gradual and permanent hair reduction procedure with minimal side effects and few touch up sessions may be required in future for maintainence.


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