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The word aesthetic is used when we talk about looks and outer appearance. Everything is highly competitive nowadays and to be apart from the rest, there is need to be better than everyone. It also holds true when it comes to looks. Maintaining aesthetic appearance should be encouraged as it plays a vital role in increasing the confidence level. But there are some conditions which hampers this process. They can also cause mental stress. The real problem arises when even cosmetic products are of no use. This is the time when you need to seek external help. Scar is one of those conditions. Derma Circles is the best hospital to give Scar revision surgery in Delhi

scar revision treatment in Delhi is done by identifying the type of scar which is present. Two of the common ones are explained below –

· Atrophic scars

This scar is formed when the healing of scar takes place under the surface of the skin. It is an indented scar which is present below the normal layer of the skin tissue. It forms when skin fails to regenerate tissue. This leads to formation of scars on the skin. Severe acne and chicken pox are two common reasons. The area where atrophic scars are present looks sunken and pitted.

· Hypertrophic scar

Best skin clinic in Delhi have identified this type of scar which occurs due to excessive amount of collagen and appears like a raised scar. It commonly happens at the site of an injury when the response is not normal. They are thick and raised and commonly red in color. But they should not be confused with keloids.

Scar removal treatment in Delhi is imparted to reduce and improve the appearance of scars. It makes the existing scar less obvious and blends in with the surrounding skin. There are different approaches which are made in this surgery. Some of them are –

1. Dermabrasion is an exfoliating technique which removes the outer layer of the skin.

2. Laser therapy changes the surface of the skin. New and healthy skin is formed at the site of the scar.

3. Z-plasty is a technique in which small incisions are made at both the sides of the scar which creates V-shaped skin flaps. It re-orients the scar and follows the natural skin folds. The result is in the form of less noticeable scar.

Keloid scar removal in Delhi is another procedure in getting rid of scars. It is important to understand what keloid is. It is considered as an overgrown skin in place of an old injury. They have the potential to grow much larger than the original wound. They can be itchy but are not harmful for health. Many different kinds of skin injury can cause keloid scarring. There are different procedures in keloid management. Some of them are intralesional steroids, cryotherapy, pressure dressings, silicone sheet compression etc. One of the most recent techniques is electrosurgical ablation of keloids.

Acne scar is another type of scar which affects the aesthetic appearance. Most of the scars are temporary and improve with time but some of them may leave behind scars which are embarrassing. To get rid of this problem, there is need of acne scar surgery in Delhi.

This surgery is used to treat adamant scars that do not respond positively to other conservative and non invasive procedures. Most of the patients opt for acne scar revision for cosmetic purpose. In this procedure, anesthesia is administered before the start of the procedure. The individual scars are cut out and the wound is fixed with skin graft and stitches.

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