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Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Dermatology is the branch of medicine which deals with the condition and diseases of our skin, hair and nails. All the conditions are diagnosed and treated under this specialty. There are various approaches made and depend on the disease and the severity. There may be need of medical as well as surgical aspects. Consulting a dermatologist is considered as the last resort as individuals have tried all the home remedies and products to get rid of the condition. To make sure that your skin and other body parts are back to the best, you need to consult Derma Circles. They have the best dermatologists in Delhi.

There are a lot of different conditions which can hit the above mentioned body parts. The techniques differ according to the condition. Some of the different treatments available at our clinic are as follows – 

Pigmentation treatment 

Best skin doctors in Delhi deal with this common problem in which there are dark patches of skin. That particular part is not in sync with the color of the skin. The skin looks unhealthy and uneven. They can appear in small or large patches. Loss in melanocytes, which is the color giving cells, is the reason for that. There are different treatment options to get rid of this condition. Retinoids and kojic acid are two commonly applied skin lightening products. Peeling is another effective method which is done with the help of chemical and laser peel.

Allergy testing

Allergy is a group of conditions in which the immune system is not able to react in a normal manner to a particular foreign substance. This substance may either comes in contact with your body or enter it. Some of the common sources are pollens, harsh chemicals, food antigens etc. The symptoms are easily to identify and include sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, rashes etc. Treatment of this condition is given by first knowing the agent and then eliminating it. One of the most effective treatments is in the form of Patch testing .

Acne treatment

The treatment for this condition is comes under cosmetic department and you need to get in touch with the best cosmetic surgery clinic in Delhi. Acne is a condition in which our hair follicles gets filled with dead cells and oil causing raised skin which commonly have pus inside it. One of the methods is to go for blemish excision. An incision is made in the skin and pus is drained out along with the blemish. Laser and chemical surgery are two other options.

Rosacea treatment 

It is a chronic condition in which there is redness all over the skin. There might be red pus filled bumps too. There is no definite cure but the symptoms under rosacea treatment in Delhi can be easily controlled.  Mirvaso is a common drug which is administered in this condition. It is a temporary solution and needs to be applied often. Isotretinoin is another drug which is quite powerful and clears up severe rosacea. Laser therapy is used to reduce the redness of enlarged blood vessels. 


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