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Skin Cancer Surgery

Skin Cancer Surgery

To live a long life, there are various steps that we need to take. Physical exercises along with balanced nutrition are two of them. These two habits are very important to lead a healthy life. Keeping away from bad habits like tobacco, alcohol etc helps a lot too. But sometimes, there are diseases that hit us even though we are taking proper precautions. Cancer is one of those diseases. There are rapid rise in cells which is not normal. They destroy tissues in our body. If cancer is not detected early on, then it can prove to be fatal. More than 100 types of different cancer are known to human beings. This shows how serious the issue is. Skin Cancer is one type of Cancer whose treatment is available at Derma Circles in the form of Skin Cancer Surgery.

What is Skin cancer surgery?
Skin cancer is a type of cancer that takes birth from the skin. Skin cancer surgery is a type of surgery that is used to treat different skin cancer such as basal-cell skin cancer, squamous-cell skin cancer and melanoma.

How is it performed?
In Mohr’s surgery, sample of skin is taken from the body and checked for cancer. The process is repeated until there are no layers left with cancer.

Are you a candidate?
Before undergoing this surgery, you need to identify the type of cancer you are suffering from.

What are the benefits?
Mohr’s skin is very effective and will give you accurate results.

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