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Skin Specialists in Delhi

In modern and competitive times like today, we want everything to be perfect, be it our personal or professional life. The same is also true for our skin. Skin is the outermost part of our body and all our aesthetic appearance depends on it. Be it your face, hands or any other part of the body, there should not be any blemishes. But there is at least one area which is not to our liking and that begins to bother us but this problem has a solution now. There are dermatologists at Derma Circles who will give you the desired surgeries for your skin related problems. Some of the common skin surgeries that are provided are –

Derma Circles is headed by Dr. Prateek Sondhi and Dr. Prakash Kumar Khute. For his achievements, Dr. Prateek Sondhi he has been acknowledged with ‘Dr. K.C. Kandhari Award’. He has been bestowed this award for the Best Dermatology Resident Of AIIMS for the year 2016-17. He also is very vocal about all the problems which are faced by people regarding their skin and the benefits of treatment provided by Derma Circles. And for this, he was awarded the best video presenter for the lecture he delivered in the North Zone Conference of ACSI (Association Of Cutaneous Surgeons Of India). Derma Circles is known for giving the best techniques by Skin Specialists in Delhi without any side effects. Dr. Prakash Kumar Khute is the best dermatologist in Delhi with 3 years of experience in clinical and diagnostic dermatology. He has great knowledge of surgical and procedural aspects that is on par with best skin doctors all over the world. His skills are spread in different verticals of dermatology such as clinical and diagnostic dermatology, leprosy and venerology, inpatient care, dermatological emergencies, dermatosuregry, pediatric dermatology, dermatopathology, cosmetology, phototherapy, photochemotherapy etc. He has been heavily rewarded for his achievements. He won 1st prize in Dr. Mohanty STD quiz ASTICON 2014, PGIMER, Chandigarh. He also came 2nd in IGNITE National Residents quiz 2015, AIIMS New Delhi. He also has multiple certification of participation in DERMATOSOCPY CONCLAVE 2015 and IADVL LASER WORKSHOP 2016.

Vitiligo surgery
It is a condition in which white patches occur in the skin as there is loss of pigment cells. It can be seen in any part of the body. Derma Circles has come up with different types of procedures such as mini punch grafting, suction blister grafting etc to get rid of this condition.

Acne scar surgeries
Derma Circles understand that when complex acne dry off, they can leave a scar behind which affects the aesthetic appearance. Therefore, we have come up with latest techniques and modern equipments to give acne scar surgery.

Keloid scar management
Keloid may occur at the site of an old injury in the form of overgrown skin. Not only it is itchy but it can also cause a great deal of anxiety and social embarrassment. This is why Derma Cirlces has come with efficient management of keloid scar.

Cysts removal
Cysts are sac like growth which form in the skin due to collection of substances such as sebum, oil, hair etc. They are not dangerous in nature but come with complications such as getting infected, ruptured leading to foul smell. At Derma Circles, we have experience of performing hundreds of Cyst removal procedures.

Ear lobe repair
Due to use of heavy jewelry, there may be stretching of ear lobe which makes our ear a bit different and observable. If you are dealing with similar problem, then our team at Derma Circles is happy to give you a perfect solution for this.

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