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Suction Blister Grafting

Suction Blister Grafting

Injuries to our body are very common. Small cuts and scratches are inevitable. You may be careful all the time but still get one or two. But as long as the injury is limited to a cut, it’s okay and manageable. Real problem arise when there is major injury. An injury to our body that not only brings a lot of pain but the healing process is also absent. And an injury that does not heal properly is dangerous in long term. This is where suction blister grafting comes into play. At Derma Circles, you will be carefully treated for your injury because we have the best techniques for suction blister grafting.

What is suction blister grafting?

Suction blister grafting is a technique which is used to treat non healing wounds. In some cases, it can also be used to treat cases of vitiligo.

How is it performed?

Firstly, we identify the donor site where the blister is to be created. Then this blister is sucked up with the help of a vacuum pump. These blisters are then vacated and the skin of these blisters is then blended to the wounded area. Then bandages with non sticky surface is applied to the wounded area.

Are you a candidate?

You are a candidate of this process if you have a non healing wound for ex- leg ulcers. Also, if you have vitiligo, then you can check out this process.

What are the benefits?

This process does not require anesthesia. Moreover, this procedure is easy to perform.

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