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Vitiligo Surgery

Vitiligo Surgery

Suffering from a disease or a condition always comes with burden. Not only these conditions come with pain but they also bring social stigma with them. And what this stigma does is makes you lose all your self confidence. Many unwarranted questions will come in your mind related to yourself which won’t let you concentrate and will negatively affect your life. Vitiligo comes on top of that conditions. In this condition, there is loss of skin color in the form of white patches which also affects hair on the skin. Even though there are no symptoms involved the disease can cause significant psychosocial disability. If you are suffering from Vitiligo and undergoing aforementioned trauma, then you need to consult Derma Circles at once because that is the place where you will get the best treatment.

What is vitiligo surgery?

Today there are many surgical options which are available for vitiligo.

How is it performed?

The surgeries are performed under local anesthesia. This means that the patient is conscious at all times during the procedure. For small patches, mini punch grafting can be performed. In this technique, very small punches (about 1 mm in diameter) are transplanted in to the white patches.

The second technique is of suction blister grafting. In this technique, negative suction pressure in used to create grafts which are transplanted into the white patches. This technique is ideal for eye lids and lips.

Recently we have shifted to melanocyte transplants which can cover large areas of skin.

All the above techniques tend to leave some mark on the donor skin. Recently we have introduced a scar less technique in which hair follicles are used to harvest melanocytes and transplanted into the donor skin. Very few centers in the world offer this technique.

Are you a candidate?

Any person who has had a non-progressive patch for one year is a potential candidate for vitiligo surgery.


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