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Goodbye to Spots With Laser Scar Treatment

 Skin is the outermost layer of our body. Skin tone and the effect of the environment are different for each and every one. But one thing that is common for everyone is the need of good skin. There are different household methods to have good skin and even cosmetic products are available in abundance but sometimes, it is not enough. The condition is much more complicated than that. To get rid of such problems, there are different techniques and procedures that you need to undergo. Scar is one of that conditions which does not make our skin look good. This problem is treated with the help of laser scar treatment. You will get this treatment best at Derma Circles which has the best skin doctors in Delhi.

Scars are primarily divided into two types. One of them is hypertrophic scar in which there is excess of collagen production. And the other is atrophic in which scar leaves depression due to loss of tissue. There are different treatments for laser acne scar reduction in Delhi. Some of the most common and effective ones are given below –

1.       Dermal transplantation

Our skin is separated into two different parts. The upper layer is known as epidermis and the lower one is known as dermis. If we talk about dermis, then it cannot be retained naturally once it gets lost. Dermal transplantation for scars in Delhi, is the solution for that. It is a procedure in which dermis is transferred from a hidden area to site of treatment. Firstly, anesthesia is provided to the patients who want to undergo this treatment. After anesthesia is given, skin from the healthy area or donor area is peeled or cut off according to the requirement and then grafted to the injured part. The skin that needs grafting can be of the same person as well as other animals. This therapy works best to get rid of acne scars. The procedure is safe and there is minimal scarring.

2.       Laser acne scar reduction

Laser acne scar reduction is also an efficient way to get rid of scars. It is a minimally invasive approach for getting a smooth and better skin. In this procedure, numbing cream is applied for 2 hours prior to the procedure. The whole procedure is of 15-20 minutes only. After the procedure gets over, topical antibiotic is applied. There is some redness which gets reduced due time.

3.       Laser scar reduction

Derma Circles is a renowned skin clinic in Delhi. The laser scar treatment in Delhi, procedure which they follow is a simple one. Scars are reduced and there is visible change in the skin tone. In this procedure, the laser device will be passed over the area allowing the laser energy to perforate the skin. The small columns of laser energy are absorbed by the tissue which triggers skin repair and collagen production. This production will lead to plump, tight and smooth skin. The results are visible within a week to 10 days after the procedure. 

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