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Vampire Facial

Vampire Facial

Say goodbye to skin ageing with the revolutionary Vampire Facial from Derma Circles, now offering the best vampire facial cost in Delhi. This innovative treatment, also known as a vampire facelift or PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy), harnesses your body's own healing abilities to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, acne, and more, revitalizing your skin's youthful appearance.

The Procedure of Vampire Facial at Derma Circles

Our procedure begins with a thorough assessment of your skin's ageing, followed by a simple blood draw and PRP activation right in our clinic. After microneedling, we apply the PRP topically, enhancing your skin's rejuvenation process. Our team ensures a comfortable and painless experience with minimal downtime.

Preparing for a Vampire Facial

Proper preparation is key to maximizing the effectiveness of your vampire facial. Ensure a clean face free of makeup, stay hydrated, and discuss any preferences with us beforehand. Understanding the procedure and its costs in advance can help set the stage for a smooth experience.

Who Should Opt for a Vampire Facelift at Derma Circles?

Most people can benefit from PRP therapy, especially if you have under-eye circles, fine lines, dull skin, acne scars, or sun damage. With minimal side effects and non-surgical technique, PRP injections at Derma Circles help maintain youthful skin with increased collagen production.

Vampire Facial FAQs

1.What is a vampire facial and how does it work?

A vampire facial uses your own platelet-rich plasma (PRP) applied to your skin after microneedling to promote healing and rejuvenation.

Post-treatment, you may notice immediate skin improvement with full effects developing over a few weeks as collagen production increases.

There's minimal to no downtime required. Most patients return to their normal routine immediately after the procedure.

The frequency of vampire facials can vary based on individual skin conditions and desired results. It's best to consult with our dermatologists for a tailored treatment plan.