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Removal of Fat With Lipolysis Injection Treatment

In the hustle bustle of our modern life, we don’t have spare time to do anything. This means that we don’t have the luxury of doing the things that we like or that are necessary for our body. Physical exercise is one of those activities. It should be carried out regularly otherwise our body won’t be in the best shape. We will become overweight and that will also be visible in our looks. There are many diseases that can get to us with the increase in weight and it will also make us look fat. Aesthetics is directly related to our body weight. We may not be able to justify our looks if there is unwanted fat in our body. This will make us uncomfortable and also people will start to make fun of us which will be deteriorating for our confidence too. But there is no need to take tension for this. There are new and modern technologies which helps us in getting rid of this problem. This can be done in the form of liposuction and lipolysis injection treatment. At Derma Circle, you will get the best lipolysis injection treatment in Delhi.

Lipolysis and liposuction procedures are two different procedures but they both have a common goal which is to remove fat from our body. If we see a body part which is treated the most then it is our chin. If we have double chin on our face, then this is the most effective treatment. Derma Circles has the best skin doctors in Delhi to treat this problem.

In lipolysis injection, drug injection are used and mixed into patients which destroys fat cells in our body. The site near which the injection is injected kills the cells. The chemical that is used in this procedure is known as deoxycholic acid. With the help of the chemical, fat cells are easily killed off. The main reason why patients prefer this type of treatment is because it is a minimally invasive treatment and does not require any type of surgery. But if you have loose skin or poor skin tone then you should avoid this treatment.

Before starting this procedure, local anesthesia is given so that there is no pain underneath the chin. A pattern is marked with the help of grid which has been pre-marked on the skin. In this method, the area which needs to be worked upon is injected with the help of a needle. Before the injection is used, local anesthesia is given to make the process pain free. The amount of medication that is to be given is provided in a single go. This procedure does not take much time to complete.

Liposuction is another treatment that is used to kill unnecessary fat from our body. This is a type of cosmetic surgery which is getting very famous and at Derma Circles, you will get the best liposuction surgery in Delhi. The main aim of this surgery is to remove fat so that the shape of the particular area is changed. One main thing to note is that liposuction surgery has no effect on our weight.

It is done to change the shape of our skin. The fat cells that are killed weigh less than a kilo. You shouldn’t have false expectations when undergoing this surgery. This process includes positioning of a thin tube between skin and muscles from where the excess fat is to be removed. That fat is either sucked up with the help of a pump or a large injection. 

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