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Chin Augmentation

Chin Augmentation

There are some dynamics related to beauty and looks that have changed over a period of time. It’s not just about having a wrinkle and spot free face to feel good but you need to up your game in every area. Chin Augmentation is one department which is creating a lot of buzz these days and more and more people are opting for this procedure. And why not. Having a proportionate chin has become a beauty standard nowadays. Many easy and quick procedures are there now to rectify your chin. Derma Circles understands that perfectly and provides guidance and solutions for the same.

What is chin augmentation?
Chin Augmentation is a procedure to reshape and magnify the shape of the chin. It can be done in two ways – surgical and non-surgical.

How is it performed?
Non-surgical chin augmentation is done with the help of filler injections. It is a relatively painless procedure.

Are you a candidate?
If you have weak chin profile but normally working jaws, then you are a suitable candidate for chin augmentation. This procedure is also used to make your chin in proportion with your face.

What are the benefits?
Chin augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that will give you long lasting results. The result achieved in the direction of facial enhancement is also quite applauding.

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