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Cryotherapy is the work horse of any dermatology practice because of its ease of use. It can be used as an adjunctive therapy in a wide variety of dermatological conditions like acne, warts, keloids, prurigo etc. The doctors at Derma Circles have lot of experience in using this technique.

What is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a technique in which growth of affected tissues is checked with the help of extreme cold temperature.

How is it performed?

This process includes the use of liquid nitrogen with the help of which very low temperature is achieved. This nitrogen is then applied at the desired sitewhich then freezes the damaged cells and ultimately kills them. Slowly and steadily our body incorporates new cells. The procedure does not require any prior anaesthesia. After the procedure some redness, swelling and blistering is expected to occur which settles down in a few days. The sessions are typically repeated after 3-4 weekly intervals.

Are you a candidate?

If you have keloids, acne, molluscum, corns, warts especially around the nail area then you should definitely consider cryotherapy as a part of your treatment regimen.

What are the benefits?

People who don’t want to undergo a heavy or major surgery, should opt for this one as this is a minimally invasive one.

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