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Ear lobe / Nose piercing

Ear lobe / Nose piercing

Right from the very beginning, there are various things that you see in television and fancy them right from the very first look. A movie that you watch for the very first time leaves a great impression on you or a cartoon that you watch daily becomes your childhood favorite. Just like that, there is ear lobe piercing. It is very common to see piercings these days. But very hard to ignore them. Those piercings brings a whole new dimension to your face. They will add something new and different to your ears. And if you have also fallen for them, then Derma Circles is the place where you will get the best help.

What is ear lobe / nose piercing?

Ear lobe piercing is a process of creating a small gap or penetration in the earor nose which is done for the motive of wearing a piece of jewelry or an ornament.

How is it performed?

This process is done with the help of a needle or a gun. The process can be performed under local anesthesia and under strict aseptic precautions.

Are you a candidate?

If you think that it is the time for you to wear an earring or nose ring and you don’t have any rash or irregularity related to your ear, then you are a good candidate.

What are the benefits?

After ear lobe piercing, you are able to wear jewelry which makes you look attractive. You can also have them at a fairly young age without any complications. Since it is performed in our sterile OTs there is minimal chance of getting infection. You can also bring your own ear or nose rings along with you which can be inserted at the same time.


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