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Ingrown Toe Nail Treatment

Ingrown Toe Nail Treatment

For everyone of us, when we hear the word nail, aesthetic reasons come to our mind. A nail is there to make us look more attractive, be it on our fingers or toes. It may not be the first thing that is visible when someone glances at us but when it comes to our hands and legs, nails are surely to be noticed. And if you are suffering from ingrown toe nail, then your aesthetics are affected. Ingrown toe nail also brings along excruciating pain in some of the cases which means that they are not only limited to looks. For that you need to look for ingrown toe nail treatment. At Derma Circles, we take care of your ingrown toe nail problems.

What is ingrown toe nail treatment?

Ingrown toe nail treatment is a surgical process to treat problem of nails that grows into the flesh or more commonly known as ingrown toe nail treatment.

How is it performed?

The doctors at Derma Circles are expert at ingrown toe nail surgery. There are various kinds of procedures like dental floss filling, splint insertion, chemical matricectomy, radiofrequency ablation etc. The choice of procedure is decided according to the severity of the problem. It is a day care procedure performed under local anesthesia.

Are you a candidate?

If you are suffering from ingrown toe nail which causes you pain and discomfort, then you are a candidate.

What are the benefits?

It’s a very less time consuming procedure and hardly takes an hour to perform. You can return back to your home as the procedure is complete.

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