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Nail Biopsy

Nail Biopsy

When it comes to nails, we like to keep them neat and clean. Most of the time it is because of aesthetic reason. And why not. When we take care of our eyes, lips etc., then why nails be left out. After all, that’s the first thing anyone notices when it comes to our hands. So it’s important to take care of nails and in any case we suffer any injury related to them, proper treatment should be taken.

What is nail biopsy?

Nail biopsy is a procedure that is done to identify the diagnosis by obtaining the tissue specimen from the nail.

How is it performed?

The nail plate is separated from the nail after anesthesia has been given. Then the nail plate is hanged in vertical position and then the specimen is taken from there. Then the nail plate is then put back in it’s original position and that part is stitched up to hold the nail. These stitches are removed around a week from the procedure.

Are you a candidate?

Nail biopsy is done when there is a doubt in diagnosis like in psoriasis or lichen planus of the nail.

What are the benefits?

Nail biopsy is a diagnostic procedure which can help us at reaching a diagnosis.

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