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Scar Revision Treatment

Scar Revision Treatment

As a child, many of us must have been nimble and energetic. That comes with the age. Playing in muddy waters and running all around was our favourite pastime. And this came with its own share of bruises and cuts. Some of them are healed over time and not even visible to the naked eye. But there are some injuries that not only leaves a scar but have a dismissive effect towards our self. Somehow, that scar doesn’t let us express freely as we are not comfortable with it at all. Therefore, our team at Derma Circles provides you reliable remedy to this problem.

What is scar revision?
Scar revision is a type of surgery in which an ugly looking scar is replaced by a different scar which is less noticeable.

How is it performed?
There are many ways to approach a scar. Some of the procedures which can be done are Subcision, Microneedling, PRP, Lasers, Surgical excision by Z-plasty, w-plasty etc. Microneedling is a technique which can help to reduce scars by 30-40%. We are the pioneers of Microneedling with BOOST technique which has revolutionized the way we approach scars. All of the above are office procedures and performed under local anaesthesia.

Are you a candidate?
If you have a mark on your face or body that you think is hampering your looks, then do consult a dermatologist at Derma Circles. A unique plan is formulated for each individual.


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